two police suspected of causing torture death

  • two police suspected of causing torture death </ p >

    cases will in Hanshan the court hearing </ p > the

    reporter Zhang Faping Ray Strong < / p >

    Star News last year , Huangshan Municipal People's Procuratorate of China police wei ,converse all star, Wang Hui alleged torture under criminal detention . Yesterday , reporters learned from the Provincial Procuratorate , the Provincial Higher People's court-appointed the Hanshan People's Court under the jurisdiction of the case by the Ma On Shan the Hanshan People's Procuratorate for examination and prosecution , Hanshan County People 's Court will be hearing this case according to law . </ p >

    According to reports, December 21, 2010 ,herve leger 2012, Qimen County Public Security Bureau in China Police Wei , Wang Hui to the detention center will Xiong mentioned solution of the theft suspect , want to take their flash town to Qimen County identify the scene of the crime . Xiong unwilling to cooperate , that night , police investigators be brought to the Office of Criminal Police Brigade , detained in the security chair . 6:00 am the next day , China police Wei Xiong look abnormal and weak pulse , and an immediate rescue , at the same time call 120 . The medical staff arrived at the scene after the inspection, Xiong was dead . Huangshan Municipal People's Procuratorate of China Police Wei , Wang Hui , criminal detention on suspicion of extorting confessions by torture charges ,converse norge, and then decided to arrest them . </ p >

    March this year , the Provincial Procuratorate decided to both off-site detention in Hanshan County , and County Detention Center . July 13 , the provincial procuratorial organs under the jurisdiction of the case designated by the Hanshan County People's Procuratorate . The prosecution believes that the two police the suspect, Xiong , cold, frozen , hungry , resulting in the sudden death of cardiac heart disease , suspicion of intentional assault and torture crime . </ p >

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