(correspondent Asahi reporter Sun Ying

  • (correspondent Asahi reporter Sun Ying, Xu Gang, Joe) of the robbers had fled 20 years, Yang was arrested in Shenzhen. 20 years ago, Yang and two accomplices armed with knives robbed a password box. The passage of time, the Penal Code has been modified to apply to the new criminal code or the old criminal law has become a problem. The reporter was informed today that the West's Procuratorate approved the arrest of Yang,ed hardy sko, and that should be held criminally responsible in accordance with the old criminal law.

    June 11, 1991,Occhiali da sole Ray Ban, the victim Mr. Xu Yuetan Bika market stamps carry a brown password box, RMB 8400 more than $ 200 and the liberation of Tibet 40th Anniversary Zhang et al. stamps, stamp albums. 2 pm, Mr. Xu to the park toilets convenient password box on the ground. In his belt, Yang and two other accomplices Wang, Lee break came. Yang Wang duo is holding Mr. Xu assault, Lee picked up the password box and ran.

    Lee went to the toilet outside the five-meter masses captured seized and turned over to the police station. See Lee was arrested, safe box, Mr. Xu started chasing Wang, who did not run far can also be captured by the masses. However, the time of the incident, the attention of everybody in the body of Lee and Wang, so Yang disarray escape. After returning home, Yang took the money embarked on the road to exile, escape is 20 years.

    West Side Court in October 1991 robbery and sentenced to two to six years imprisonment of Wang and Lee. Yang was the country as a fugitive accomplice wanted.

    the end of last year, Yang was arrested in Shenzhen. The time is past 20 years,converse sko, Yang also being prosecuted? The prosecutor said Yang absconded after the incident, has been wanted, does not belong to the criminal law of the case beyond the statute of limitations should still be held criminally responsible.

    20 years

    , the criminal law was amended in 1997, robbery 20 years ago, should be accountable in accordance with the new criminal code or the old criminal law? 1979 robbery of the criminal law is looting of public and private property, three to ten years imprisonment and fined. The new criminal code more than the old criminal law fines. Prosecutors said that under the criminal law from the old age for criminal responsibility, Yang should apply to the 1979 Penal Code provisions, sentenced to three to ten years imprisonment, but not fined.

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