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  • Before foul ball item Tao didn't throw to Zhao Peng Yu in one side, but directly and strongly tossed a door, his target is Li Jie's head:"Use a ball!Your Gao he is getting tooer many!" But Li Jie still can not rise to jump, the ball was inside the Wei Bo in the another a pull(DanieleBonera) a crest to walk. "Is dry!This is why?"Li Jie unwillingly wail way. "Idiot!Put the center of gravity low, concentrate the strength to the waist stomach up!"Yang Pan clapped Li Jie's slap. Li Jie sees Yang Pan, a bit shocked:" So simple?" "Hum!Physically do you to know that Chien is getting more remarkable."Yang Pan no longer realizes simple-minded Li Jie and left alone. ※※※ Zhan Di Lai is wrinkly eyebrows, first half field till now already 20 minutes, the that feet of Pierre Luo far shoot, besides which, basically Italy don't gain advantage.Chinese brigade uses speed and the hasing the aggression of layer continuously exert pressure for Italy, very passive. But he has never intended to do an adjustment now, time still very early, he still wants to see Chiu the vegetable Hui exactly can play what pattern. ※※※ Chinese brigade just such as Chiu vegetable what Hui requests so, after well developing speed advantage, beat Italy some unable to find north. Yang Pan is spreading! If Li Jie keeps firmly in mind climb and lower a center of gravity, the concentration strength is in the waist stomach, then pull with fee in resist.And the fee pull an inside to also feel that Rosetta Stone Spanish the opponent seems and front different, he also added a strength. "Idiot!"Suddenly Yang Pan's one roars loud and gives Li Cheap Rosetta Stone English Jie a fright."What about two of you's bullfight!See ball!Ball!" Originally Li Jie patronizes to pull with fee in put together strength, forgetting the ball flight is to have the horary, pull in the him and the fee in compete of time, football has already flown to order up, Li Jie thinks of again to jump already too late, pulled the Cheap Rosetta Stone ball crest to go out inside the Bo. The fee Rosetta Stone Spanish pulls in looking at to regret of Li Jie, inwardly loosenned an one mouthful, so big piece head, oneself defends more and more exhausting.Luckily his experience really little wretchedness, otherwise …… Cheap Rosetta Stone Spanish "Idiot!"Yang Pan is still scolding Li Jie, the much good opportunity makes him give wasted, indeed as expected simple-minded."You still think this easy?Don't patronize to compete with opponent, you still need to notice the trend of ball, otherwise even if you won he how again, the ball early flew over!" Li Jie shrinks neck, a Xun that doesn't dare to utter ground to listen to climbing scolds. The Chiu vegetable Hui looking at to climb and Li Rosetta Stone Spanish Jie Liang people, smiled to smile:"See come need not I taught him, someone was more employable than me!Ha ha!" ※※※ Climbs this time at and again have in crossing swords of Mo Lei Di last breeze, he compete first one feet spread to ball to forbid area in. Is again Li Jie, and then is fee to pull inside.But Li Jie Lao kept firmly in mind this time climbs of words, while putting the center of gravity low, concentrating the strength to the waist stomach, also use the flight circumstance of canthus remaining light awake football.One meter nine people shrink one meter 85, but the felling of last time be again pulled by the fee in feel, this one meter nine big statureses gave him the pressure of infliction more and more tall!Make not and very this time …… Li Jie Cheap Rosetta Stone English then put the center of gravity low, he feels there is some commotions in the step that the fee pulls an inside, the that time waited!Li Jie fiercely makes again dint, fee's pulling an inside finally step is unsteady to pour backward! Good opportunity! Li Jie's exultation suddenly springs up, climbs of the ball also arrived, head ball! Wear the benefit Zuo's benefit has no a way to the Cheap Rosetta Stone Japanese thus near head ball, he helplessly looking at football to fly into a ball door, and the ball entered! "The ball entered!Li Jie Yi emollient head ball!First half field 22 minutes, Chinese brigade is leading …… ?The assize blared Shao, he signaled hint this ball invalid!?" Li Jie just preparation celebration, see assize Be blaring Shao and running to him.Enter ball not is should finger to win a turn?What does he run toward my stem?Feel suspicious in Li Jie Xin, just at this time his detection nearby Italian member of team have no one silk displeased facial expression, and the teammates also have no happy reaction. Is difficult don't become …… He twists a head to see the side cut, indeed as expected, the other party did to signal hint into ball to have no