group head, from the A set line.They

  • Of the country Ao keep the strongest aggression desire, but helpless to 11 personal all rules turtles shrink at forbid inside the area of defend Chinese brigade to also Rosetta Stone Coupon have no better way, moreover stay time to Chinese brigade not much.End this game fights 3:3 even.Each the good ball that kicked half time in Mali and China offers a fascinating game for the fans. Chinese brigade also three fight two to win one even identity of for accumulating seven cents with the group head, from the A set line.They connect down want to do of is well rest, then wait for the second day two race results of the B set, that will decide their opponent of eight strong wars. There are the best many fans that believe, having already obtained Chinese brigade of group will avert from one Italy of the most sturdy B set real strenght, this is also Chinese brigade why will so strongly pull the reason of even score while falling behind Mali. But fact is at that time from player to coach, no one thoughted of to still have Italy.They just feel to lose to the Mali, will throw a person very much so. ※※※ The game of B set Italy and Paraguay on August 19, the Chiu vegetable Hui decides that the spot sees, at the right moment these two troopses are all very likely to be next Chinese brigade opponent.See record image always don't see the thing that the spot can understand many. The result Paraguay depends on No.9 Ba Lei Luo of a wily head ball, defeated Italy.This result lets Chiu the vegetable Hui is a bit shocked, he originally thinks 2 brigades that willing beat is even.But the process make him be getting Cheap Rosetta Stone English more shocked more, there is the traditional in defending, and Italian country Ao led by Zhan Di Lai of iron Wei(ClaudioGentile) of the 1982 world cup Italian brigade brigade unexpectedly in defending the loophole is 100, on the contrary used by Cheap Rosetta Stone Japanese the Paraguay originally should be Italy to excel most of defend backstroke to defeat. Cheap Rosetta Stone Originally having already eliminated out of Rosetta Stone Spanish play Japanese brigade to suddenly deliver dint to defeat to add a Na brigade is unusually lucky.Thus Italy and add Na Rosetta Stone German to together accumulate four to divide, clean win ball to also be the same as zero, Italy just depends on into a ball ratio to add Na much a just explore dangerous places promotion. But for Chiu vegetable Hui to say, this isn't what good matter.Because Italy Rosetta Stone Coupon is exactly their next opponent, Italy lines up the B set second, according to A1 rightness B2 of to principle, so …… The Chiu vegetable Hui rubs a temple, is really an opponent that makes people has a headache. ※※※ It isn't only colourful but end to lose ball but line, Zhan Di Lai's mood is also still fairly good.He stands on the hybrid area and accepts the interview of the reporters. "Excuse me, , do you change Pierre Luo if does the end mean that he isn't suitable for now this ball team?"There is Italian reporter that ask a way.To Italian, they forever all the self-contradict news that concern their own inner part, rather than own opponent is who. "Not, that because the Paraguay gave us very big pressure, the ball team needs to be a little bit more cruelty in defending, but Anne virtuous row(AndreaPirlo) obviously at the time of defending some flabbinesses." "From the Duo hat before the match popular, till now need to depend on Japanese's help then can line, do you feel this normal?" "You are also an Italian, you should know that Italy has been slowly hot."Zhan Di Lai says with smile, " to us, quarter of finalses are the real beginnings of Italian brigade Olympic Games." "Make reference to quarter of finalses, so how do you treat the opponent of Italy Chinese brigade?" "E, Chinese brigade three wars don't hurt and explain them some real strenght.But I to them understand not much, I the captain last match quarter that know them at Bo Luo the Ni is second ……" "This match quarter he will be in the Milan."The reporter who Rosetta Stone Free Shipping asks adds a way. "?BE?In a word his speed is very quick, excel to spread to moderate to far shoot, a dangerous person.It is said that he has already beaten into three balls, I will arrange specially assigned to stare at to defend his." "Had to once consider if lose to China how to do?" Zhan Di Lai twists a head to see is the problem of one inside country reporter, his Italian speaks very goodly, very be like lived the person for a long time in Italy. Beard dint Leng at first, just Chiu vegetable the Hui returned with he at outside audit, how turned an eye push a front ask?Wanted to record