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  • These are not happy experiences for any of us involved, We have a really nice new campus in Athens, Doug McKillip, R-Athens and his House Bill 954, which criminalizes interference with any pregnancy over 20 weeks,The bill includes some limited exceptions, but interpretation could require days, months or years of legal review,The Georgia Ob/Gyn Society has labored tirelessly, but ineffectively, to have changes made to the bill that would allow for appropriate medical care to continue to be rendered,As a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist in Athens, I know that difficult clinical situations of an impending delivery before the point of viability occur multiple times each year in our community,louis vuitton neverfull,With the proposed legislation, appropriate medical care could not be delivered legally in the state of Georgia,louis vuitton official website,House Bill 954 threatens to put an obstetrician in jail for caring for any pregnancy with complications after 20 weeks,www.louisvuittonoutletofficialwebsites.com,Ut dolor magna aliquyam vobis:
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