I need a lot of care

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    "I feel like I need a lot of care." She was tired and relying on the corner lazy place a cigarette, rather abruptly cropped up so one, when his hand around her shoulder, stay in the back of her neck. Cool little place, just melt under his right hand, full of little his skin bad.
    He did not answer her, MBT Scarpe  just staring at her. Look at her collarbone, beautiful Au in there, like a measure word for lamps glass. If you pour a glass of wine on the inside, then a one Tim dry, will not be good? A little evil, shook his head to dispel their own ideas, have a water vapor between the right hand and her skin, sticky and warm, like desire. Kiss the fish breaking the death? As if, excuse he went to the toilet, standing in the urinal before flowing quietly, as if only the way that you would not want her. Tidy clothing, MBT Prezzi walked hand side of the pool, through the mirror, he suddenly wanted to ask, they know how long? "Some people humming the chorus of" flowers "out of the toilet.
    Bar inside her shadow. He knew that she would not point the smoke out of the bar. Make a phone call to her while she was still on the road, but when opening the phone, mbt outlet see the shown above with six missed calls. Are his wife. March in Beijing, like an old woman, threw it began to snow, he hid in the car and dialed his wife's phone. The other end asked the woman when to go home tonight and snow do not drive. He spoke said something good, then the head is full of running around but the sound of that sickly land, "I feel like I need a lot of care."
    Easily find a reason not to go home, is not difficult for him. Customer proposals, program changes, jordan high heels the development of new product strategy, those who let him all the way to embark on today's job, as if they came back, busy, busy, or busy, his wife is understandable, but he did not understand, from , he is no longer miss home, led to endless hand, pro-endless mouth, seems to have a few days ago thing, growing fast, his adherence to the age no longer keep them emotions. He said he loved her from the beginning to this, but only so a love, and repeatedly. She asked him, love,Jordan Heels  what's the use?
    Of course he could not answer, looked at her Leng Leng. In front of her mature appearance, he could not answer up, only looked at her lazily lying on the sofa, reminding us of scenes a water soaked white fungus spread slowly. Silent kiss is the best way, he stepped forward to kiss her, hold her, she did nothing to doing everything to let him, it was not his original intention, nike high heels  they should be like two fish is so entangled, can be Now, he felt he holding a dead fish.
    This should not be put down, he was not the thought. In the dim lamp, he saw that her upper body was in a tight white shirt wrapped too tight, that graceful waist thereon highlights, he stepped forward to try to pull down, but let go, everything resumed intact. "Bang" is the voice of a button floor, his face suddenly red,Nike heels  like a child. He was very strange kind of feeling, obviously much bigger than she was before her time, always weak as a child. Her appearance is mature, but her character but as the rampage, a never development of children. Because of pity just love it? He thought, "Soong, love, what's the use?" She said.
    The snow outside is growing. He thought at the moment where she will readily dialed her phone with her,MBT Schuhe   but did not say anything, he was silent, quietly listening to her breathing. Clearly a confrontation but he touched the ice cold, if this was a bowl of soup will be very warm. She said on the phone, you still do not understand me. He did not answer, driving a car towards her direction.
    Her room the lights are bright. Shone particularly bright in the snow. On the window sill, two silhouettes in a struggle, he suddenly remembered that day, them on the windowsill,MBT Schuhe billig  she said, I like to people around the world to see in this place, as if to do. I do not know then there is no portrait he looked? He returned to the car out of the smoke from his pocket, as well as the last one, very good, but also heating.When he lighted, come to think of what, from car Fuzuo drawer, took out a piece of paper from the lawyers that brought the agreement, roll up lit by that bright fire ignited the mouth of the cigarette, and then that The fire is thrown out the window. If everything everything.
    The phone rang. Wife at the other end, Scarpe MBT how long to go home, give you a pot of soup. He said, back on the road.
    "I feel like I need a lot of care." "Yes, me too." He answered in his heart.