The Real Importance of Your Mental Health

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    I will give you a simple explanation for the meaning of life for the human being so that you may understandhow important your mental condition is for you. You will also understand what you have to do in order toguarantee your mental stability forever, and find happiness in life.

    If you belong to the human race, MBT Scarpe this means that your behavior follows many absurd behavioral programsbecause the biggest part of your brain belongs to your wild conscience (anti-conscience) which is primitive,violent, absurd, immoral, indifferent, and cruel. I discovered this truth after continuing Carl Jung's research.

    The necessity to eliminate your absurd tendencies indicates that the meaning of your life is related to yourpsychological transformation. You pass through the necessary process of transformation that will guaranteeyour mental health by following the guidance of the unconscious mind.

    The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is God's mind. You are helped through secret dreammessages, jordan high heels  so that you may eliminate your wild nature and find peace. This is how you will manage topreserve your mental health.

    The dream language follows a different logic, and the meaning of all dream images is symbolic. Carl Jungdiscovered this meaning for you, and I transformed his complicated method into a fast method of instanttranslation.

    You can absolutely trust the dream messages. Jordan Heels The information I'm giving you is the result of a scientificresearch and many cures through dream therapy into practice for two decades. The unconscious mind is aperfect doctor because it has a divine origin.

    Carl Jung didn't have a religious attitude after discovering this truth, but I had the attitude of someone whorecognizes the meaning of sanctity after perceiving the unconscious goodness.

    I also found proof that clearly revealed our dependence on a creator. Our planet is too young. MBT Schuhe   Life couldnever have appeared on Earth merely by chance. If the formula for the appearance of life wasn't known, weneeded numerous billions of years of permutations by chance until the right formula would finally be found,while our planet is only 4.56 billion years old.

    Our planet's age indicates that everything was prepared to follow a known sequence, so that life couldappear on Earth and we could have the development we had, in a short period of time. I found more proofabout the existence of God but right now I won't give you more information about this matter. I'm simplyshowing you that the atheistic mindset of the current civilization is based on erroneous concepts.

    God's existence is necessary for many reasons. Air Jordan High Heels We are absurd if we insist on disregarding so manyindications that we need a creator and a superior brain that would organize the perfect functioning of ourplanet and of the animal life. God's existence is a fact.

    When you translate your dreams according to the scientific method you understand God's words. This is aprivilege that you must recognize and feel grateful for.

    You are used with ridiculous dream interpretations based on suppositions. However, the scientifictranslations of the meaning of dreams are accurate translations of the meaning given by the unconsciousmind that produces your dreams to all dream images. nike high heels  You learn the meaning that the dream producer givesto the images he uses in order to give you important messages.

    You must transform the absurd content of the biggest part of your brain into human content.

    You are lucky because now that I simplified Carl Jung's method you can understand the wise guidance ofthe divine unconscious mind in your dreams. Nike heels The unconscious mind shows you everything you have to doin order to eliminate all the negative tendencies you have inherited and increase your intelligence.

    You learn how to develop only the positive characteristics of your personality by following the guidance youhave in your dreams. You don't have to figure out by yourself what you have to do in order to transformyour personality and evolve. You only have to obey the guidance of the unconscious mind, which works likea natural psychiatrist and psychologist.

    You reality depends on your mental health. Your physical health depends on your mental health.Everything in your life depends on your mental health.

    Your planet was created with the intention to help you transform your evil and absurd anti-conscience into ahuman being. nike dunk high heels The divine unconscious mind produces your dreams in order to protect your mental health. Itsends you wise messages in all dream images in order to help you fight the absurdity of your wildconscience and evolve.

    The scientific method of dream interpretation gives you a clear vision of what is happening in your brainand how you can control your behavior. When you follow the unconscious guidance you surely find soundmental health. Your mental health guarantees your peace of mind and your happiness in life.

    Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche,MBT Schuhe billig   discovering the cure for allmental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how toexactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.