5 Pro Tips to Help You Ace That Job Interview

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    (Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Brian Tracy’s new book, “Earn What You’re Really Worth:Maximize Your Income at Any Time in Any Market”. MBT Scarpe Brian Tracy’s extensive personal studies in business,sales, management, marketing, and economics enabled him to move up to become the head of a $265million company before he turned his attention to consulting, training, and personal development. For moreinformation on the author, please visit his website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.)

    There are several things that you can do to make each interview as successful as it can possibly be.MBT Prezzi  Eachof these steps has an impact on helping you to get the kind of job you really want:

    1. Always be punctual. Allow yourself enough time to get there, mbt outlet  taking the address and the traffic intoconsideration. As a general rule, employers are advised never to hire a person who arrives late for a jobinterview.

    2. Dress well for the job interview. Your clothes can account for 95 percent of the first impression youmake on your prospective employer, because first impressions are almost always visual. jordan high heels Dress the way youwould expect to dress for the job for which you are applying. Many people are hired for no other reasonthan that they were the best-dressed of the candidates interviewed. Many otherwise excellent men andwomen are disqualified by the employer at the first meeting because they did not dress well for the jobinterview.

    3. Before going into the interview, Jordan Heels  take a few moments to breathe deeply and relax yourshoulders. Breathing deeply six or seven times will actually release endorphins in your brain and give youa sense of well-being and calmness. Close your eyes for a few moments and visualize yourself as calm,confident, and relaxed. Create a clear mental picture of yourself as smiling, positive, nike high heels  and completely incontrol of yourself and your emotions during the interview.

    4. When you meet the interviewer, smile and shake hands firmly. Look the person directly in the eyeand say, “How do you do?” A good handshake is full and firm,Nike heels  where you grasp the entire hand andsqueeze in a firm but non-aggressive way. Both men and women should give a full-palm handshake whenthey meet a person for the first time.

    5. Interview the interviewer.MBT Schuhe   Most interviewers start off with a series of questions that are aimed atdrawing you out and getting a better idea of who you are. You should take control of the interview by askingquestions about the company, the industry, and the kind of person that the interviewer is looking for.

    The more questions you ask and the more you help to uncover the real needs of the prospective employer,MBT Schuhe billig the more likely it is that the prospective employer will see you as being the kind of person who can fulfillthose needs.