Different kind of feelings

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    Afternoon sun, through which the plume of dust, like a floating past, rotation, flying in the air when the wind when the dust flying in the air, like the vivid memories of the past fragment into a another section of the image, Scarpe MBT  like the sand in hand, refers to the crevices of the hurried walk through the moment shed as much indescribable lonely, floating memories of the chaos with years of dust blowing , though, never deny those dusty memories, with a wandering heart, because in the years tempting, there are always some uninhibited factor! Inadvertently, from the deepest bottom of my heart glow, people by surprise.
    Story of durable transparent in the heart of a string of years breeze,MBT Prezzi   sound has become a pleasant note, floating in the ear, when the breeze, those small dust behind the story, still in the sun light, flying drift, perhaps, is the habit of wandering in the heart, easy to settle it! Or, in some cases, the heart can only drift in time, like which leaves boat, light sails rolled up, do the time, really like these dust, did not sink to the sorrow of the End of the World? mbt outlet You always flies, that never kept off-the loneliness? Sometimes I think life is it not true then?
    Quietly sitting in the window, the so-called sad and lonely, and throw it aside. At this point, looking out the window the blue sky, suddenly, the horizon seems to have a Su Jie Bai Yun, elegant and leisurely floated to me, it is a I could not resist the gentle flower white cloud and light into a cup fondly Shannon and I at the moment, has forgotten the existence of all things, and my heart poured out a burst of warmth, then, that white clouds turned into a touch of smoke and disappeared in the boundless sky, but sometimes,MBT Scarpe    when I want to home, like this puff of smoke, suddenly far away suddenly near the bottom of my heart, there is always the slightest casual pain, as this little white clouds, erratic free mind.
    Evening wind, like a long wings, and wandering around in the treetops tip, so light, so free and easy, diarrhea make the evening romantic stroll on the streets, the wind, chasing my steps, nike high heels  suddenly, in the streets the depths resound with classical music, www.vipyl.com while classical music, too familiar for me, whenever physically and mentally exhausted, and like to listen to classical light music, the music flowing in the heart, penetrating the night sky embrace the stars, those days, and accompanied by beautiful and soothing song, Air Jordan High Heels the mood of the worries, the total seepage erosion of clear, static-Park, wanton Piaoyuan let your thoughts at this time of the heart, total music easily occupy all.
    Skies fade into the night, Yuet Wah water looking out the window, fuzzy or a clear face, sad or sentimental story, in the softly flowing water, the dough Mouguang whisper Wing Yin and indifferent to the mind,Nike heels   as if in sing shallow, though, far from home more than a decade, as if to take away the feeling of all the homes, however, the longer the situation is more concentrated, the situation and feel of their native place, wandering, and only his thoughts, the most clear, the silence of a person's thoughts gradually, with time, no effort, but also to life more than a sentimental, in the vicissitudes of life, desperately waiting to watch late at night, journeying, MBT Schuhe will ultimately usher in the fall to go to the sunset!
    Some people say Life is like a journey, even though, with the scenes and happiness, we must learn to give up the next landscape, however, sometimes, but I always nostalgia of those unexpected scenery, in the solitude of the helpless. , waiting for the finish at the play, leaving many regrets, time people vicissitudes.Friends that used to be a what a wonderful encounter, when the duty-bound to turn the watch just to do a fate the game, do not let the heart left behind, MBT Schuhe billig this time, the curtains in the breeze the moment, wash away the years to stay under the superficial, looking out across the night scene, turned out to be another round of a different kind of feelings.