What Men and Women Want to Hear

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    One of the intriguing things about a relationship is figuring out the exact words that will woo him, wow her,and win his heart. Here are some suggestions for the men and women in your life.

    1. “Yes.”
    And we are not talking about the obvious “yes.”jordan high heels   Men want love too, and emotional intimacy, and the securitythat comes with committed partnership. And it all begins with a positive response from the woman he wants. “Yes, I noticed you too.” “Yes, here is my phone number.” “Yes, I’d love to meet you for dinner.” Both menand women love someone who is willing to try new things, go to new places, and have a “yes” attitude ingeneral.

    2. “I’d rather be with you … ”
    ... than do whatever it is that’s keeping you apart at the moment. Let’s face it,Scarpe MBT  these days, life moves at acrazy pace. The demands of work, family, friends—and even mundane tasks like grocery shopping—canconsume every spare minute. It’s easy to let optional items, Jordan Heels  like time together, slip to the bottom of the “todo” list. But even when unavoidable things get in the way, your partner likes to hear that they are alsoimportant to you.

    3. “Are you free Saturday night?”
    Date nights are important—even if you have been together for years. A man also likes to be pursued asmuch as he likes to pursue, woman jordan heels so don’t be afraid to ask him out once in awhile, ladies. Don’t ever stop carvingout that quality time for each other.

    4. “There’s something you do that I find adorable.”
    When you notice—and love—something about your partner that isn’t obvious to world, it tells them you’reinterested enough in them to pay attention to the small things. Nike heels It also confirms the intimate nature of yourrelationship. Be aware of the cute, charming things they do that you find irresistible. Then tell them whatyou admire!

    5. “That looks good on you.”
    This is not a revelation, but how many of us forget to acknowledge our loved ones when they are lookinggood? Air Jordan High Heels It is well understood that women appreciate positive feedback about their appearance—but so domen. He wants to look good … and often works hard to get there. How nice to be told sometimes that it’sworking.

    6. “You know what? You are right.”
    The ability to admit when we are wrong, nike high heels  and give credit to your partner when they are right, is BIG! It’s noteasy to put our ego’s aside, but it’s important to be able to do so, because a relationship is not aboutwinning.

    7. “I really like your friends (or kids or family members).”
    Most women are communal creatures,MBT Schuhe  and relationships are very important to them. So it means a lot whenyou say something wonderful about the people she loves. Tell her you think her dad is wise, or one of herkids is especially talented, or her close friend is fun to be with. By complimenting the people closest to yourpartner, MBT Schuhe günstig   you’re affirming them as well.