5 Ways a ROWE Can Supercharge Office Productivity

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    A results-only work environment, often shortened to ROWE, may be the secret to superchargingproductivity in your office. This management strategy was originally developed by Cali Ressler and JodyThompson for Best Buy; the two have since formed the CultureRx consulting group to help U.S. businessestransition to a ROWE.

    As its name suggests, a ROWE focuses solely on results or output,Scarpe MBT  not time spent at the office. Thisstrategy is a bit different than telecommuting, flex time or working from home in that ROWE employeesessentially have free rein to do as they please — so long as they complete their duties capably and in atimely fashion. That means traditional ideas of core hours, vacation time and sick days are all thrown outthe window.

    Here are five ways instituting a ROWE can boost your team’s productivity.

    1. Employees schedule vacations more thoughtfully

    Because a ROWE doesn’t require employees to get vacation blocks approved, jordan high heels they’re incentivized to taketime off as their workload allows. “When you consider when you can best take vacation as opposed to whenyou must, you end up able to take time without affecting performance,” said Consumer Marketing vicepresident Michael Mahoney in an interview with Fast Company.

    2. Naturally eliminate unnecessary meetings

    In 2005, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that U.S. businesses waste $37 billion annually onunnecessary meetings. Nothing eradicates such meetings faster than in a ROWE,Nike heels   where employees simplywon’t show up if a meeting doesn’t help them complete their objectives. Michael Reynolds, president andCEO of SpinWeb, said that making meetings optional forced his team to essentially justify the purpose ofand goals for each meeting with a clear agenda, instantly making them more effective.

    3. Increased employee engagement and retention

    CultureRx reports that its ROWE teams have up to a 90 percent decrease in voluntary turnover rates.Businesses with high turnover rates must constantly expend resources on hiring and training newemployees, which hampers efficiency. Jordan Heels Engaged employees are not only less likely to leave their jobs,they’re also far more likely to produce good work efficiently and consistently than disengaged workers.

    4. Reduced employee stress

    Nothing sinks productivity faster than excessive stress. Air Jordan High Heels  A study published in the December 2011 Journal ofHealth and Social Behavior found that employees who worked in a ROWE got over an hour extra of sleepeach work night and reported less stress, fewer conflicts between work and family, and decreasedpsychological distress and other emotional signs of burnout. When employees are happy and healthy, theycan focus on doing their best work.

    5. Forces clear communication

    Managers and employees alike must clearly communicate priorities, woman jordan heels   expectations and objectives to sustainday-to-day business in a results-focused office with optional meetings. Managers must also trust employeesto spend their time wisely and outline clear consequences for missed goals or project milestones. Thesecommunication measures naturally promote efficiency by eliminating wasted work due to misunderstanding.

    A ROWE may not make sense for every industry or business. For many traditional offices, however, thisbreakthrough model can unlock unparalleled levels of team productivity, nike high heels employee engagement andorganizational efficiency.