Lonely Red, read you ever

  • mbt


    Last night, you come into my dreams. 
    Why, there is always a trace of get rid of the worry of light? Why always inexplicably worries? Why, those memorable always in my heart? Always think, want to forget can be forgotten, always thought that, in the past, in the past always thought, to let go can give up from the bottom of my heart. However, the life, the more we deliberately forget,Scarpe MBT  but deep within my memory has become increasingly clear. Once those rainy season, poetry, and those memories, until now, my heart is still at a loss. 
    Love the beginning of the End of the World to become swept; the end, but to become swept the horizon. Once thought that love is all of life; Then one day, it was just my wasted the most time as part of. Once thought, fell in love, will not be lonely; Then one day, or lonely. Once thought that love you, I can get out; Then one day, I found my back scarred. 
    Moving the mouse, read someone else's text, look south of the Yangtze River, jordan high heels in the melancholy of someone else's dream with their emotions. Cheng pulls the edge of Tibet, to keep the residue of the moon, and take life way, love thousand years, until the end of a legend. You are worried about and miss my life difficult. 
    Miss the tears, they go hand in hand the Yelan like endless diffuse, in whose footsteps wandering alone in a distant city, whose singing diffuse through the wilderness, Yat my dreams?Nike heels  Soaked in the night thinking of you, the more thought to integrate into the moonlight, swaying that the mountains outside of a trace of flute, flowing ... 
    I do not know why the manner in which forget you, forget you deep in my heart printed traces, I clearly know that it is merely a flash in the pan, like a mirage in general illusion, but I still daydream you anticipating! Knowingly moths to a flame of love, I was desperate to invest in the flame of love burn myself black and blue, also refused to break out, as found already lost the opportunity to break free,Jordan Heels  and until their own melted into a shares of smoke, and then rose to heaven, to enjoy the never worries. 
    If you can, the cocoon into a butterfly, the afterlife, I would like to turn into a beautiful snow butterflies come to your window, every day, watching over you. 
    I forget last fall, you walk into my rainy season, we enjoy the fun of the streams listen to the rain, forget the poetry season, starry night to see the meteor shower, you caution and care in my ear, Xu many more memorable, the pain and longing to become unforgettable. 
    Perhaps, I really can not do anything.Air Jordan High Heels   When you want to betray my, could you think I would really life pain? Your merciless as a sword straight through my heart! I hate my own incompetence, and the hearts of their loved ones can not be tied down, or you simply a chameleon? Perhaps you do not know enough qualified to be your lover? 
    Herself bruised, and yet no regrets! I sent in the interpretation of the text with their years, writing the sorrows and joys and sorrows of his life, and remember you with my bits and pieces of memories, woman jordan heels  enough to comfort my life. 
    Because you had my love, I indulge in can not be between the years. Open the door of the years, I see that he is too embarrassed! My life, you have to, I thank you! But always left your mark, whether it is love hate is a good memory. Those of us who listen to the rain, look at the day of the landscape. 
    This world changing too fast, no one who is always only retain fond memories of the mind share would be sufficient enough to me every day after tasting loneliness. A later date,nike high heels  I hope you do every day happy, to see your smiling face, I will pray for you and blessings.