A day without love

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    When a person has forgotten what love is, forget to have passion kissing, love words in the ear chatter saying, but do not know the oath are such as sea spray, sprinkler beautiful flowers, but not forever.
    When a person alone, lonely companionship, alone, jordan high heels but the peace of mind, forget the earthly love, love and be loved, forget to breathe, when to see a person will have a moment of suffocation.
    A walk, do not know the sun will come from every direction; a person to see the movie, forget the story can make people cry.
    When a person to eat, do not know the ups and downs of the meals; a tourist do not know the mountains and rivers also attract so many people Zhuzu onlookers; Air Jordan High Heels a reading, forget the coffee, sugar.
    A man huddled in the corner of the sofa, watching do not understand the drama of the story, looking at the characters of the drama where crying or joy of laughter, do not know why this is so; holding a remote control, watching TV woodenly a ancient fight, a kiss in the city, while saying silly words amused the audience, for a while will see foreign war, Scarpe MBT a corrupt official had been arrested, a city on the road together on stage traffic accidents. Repeatedly, somehow the story in front of switch forget tonight ready to do what.
    When a person cry, do not know the tears will be cooling, but also solidified in the corner office, can not wipe away; a laugh, try to make their own joyful laughter, I have forgotten why you want to laugh.
    A person access to the Internet at home, watching the coming and going in the network, do not know why so many people like to remain in the virtual world; an article looks fine article emerged in the consciousness, but mostly sad textperistalsis in the mesh. This world there are so many frustrated people,woman jordan heels  is it because of the joy has been very short, short of too late to Favorites scattered.
    Happiness only when the overdraft not know the business, loved the time only to enjoy but not a solid, happy, just remember the happy, but forget that should be a copy of treasure in my heart;
    The days of love, so unexamined imprisoned in a lonely prison cell, nike high heels there is no effort to break has been hurt the feelings of the door; fear repressed and then the hope of love, self-closing cover to warm the palm of the hand.
    If you do not love, not to find a happiness; if they lose a loved, is not it will no longer be happy; pushed open the door of love, the sun dispersed the haze of the eyes.Happiness is not far away quietly waiting for the hand. Nike heels Step forward is happy to step back and lonely. Should move forward or backward?