You are a non-interest bearing flowers in my life

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    I stood on the other side of the time, the breakdown of a loved sentimental thoughts circled together with the separation between the artistic conception of the edge of dream, that the familiar faces occupy alone before dawn, still recall the Intrigue kilometer street, we laugh like a painting of clouds, wind lingers,mbt outlet   fleeting light diffuse light years War air-dried injury, round and round in the real space, we waved goodbye in the blue of parting, the night under the shadow of the moon reflecting the sad fragments, candlelight flowing red tears of the TV drama collections, whether it is still pursuing the residual aftertaste? The lights dim bit desolate, and your eyes will not have tears in their eyes? Flourished I miss!
    Diffuse to the bright lights from dust, light off the snow Fun assigned Yanghwa the way clear imprint to see a love story quietly bear the consequences of growth, after many years away from me so far, is destined to become non-interest-bearing flowers in my life open, you know I do not fear the night, but the long and cold this winter, you finally came, pale language renegade rain, condensation,MBT Prezzi   I open the first window of heart, you are greeted by life Many accidents, as I smile and give you leave, like December snow, never ablation, did not really leave, the period of spotless days, like my love passing by the vicissitudes of years, the cycle of the year after year of desolation.
    Continuation of the winter's last cold early spring I residues and, Xuefei the beautiful is still falling on the brow, and distraction to withstand wind and rain umbrella, alone, to find your fragrance! The heart of a loss of the sound of raindrops, running away with the love. City grass green branches yellow, leafless from the embrace of the blink of an eye a year, one after another with time around the fingers of one now, you my story becomes mildly legend,MBT Scarpe  many years later that still fluttered in tears thought, would quietly overflowing heart, once in the past you end my life in non-interest bearing flowers, while he indulged in full of solo songs that a loss of a spring, in front of the interpretation of dusty alone, silent dialogue rustling river cold, and the years I do not know from the living the Dongfeng dance is pear white, end of love into the past, you is my interest-free flowers.
    Insist on some things for a long time will be upon their shoulders, some people love long time will be on the bottom of my heart, as I love you still toward the thinking the curtain rises, the love story is not a sequel, intertwined in this life, perhaps no one like so I understand you, a look I would have to be near you, maybe then there is no portrait I do love you, laugh with you to accompany you cry, but a lot of time, MBT ShoesChunhua sky but contained different Fallen flowers normalized at things non- .
    Standing on your nearest horizon, happiness and fleeting to isolate you into a distant corner of the sea wind to spring the news, the dough, then into ice and snow breath, buried with all your mind, in the spring under the guidance of frozen through the millennium, in the sun, turned into a riot of color, blossoming is the embodiment of love! Sad infected with the parting of the background, a sky full of rain are the tears, you said with a smile, "you have never gone, have been at my side, but not nearly far across the sea", so that the lightly written on the love side, not the air and sea of ​​clouMBT Scarpe Outlet  ds? Only I still remember, this cross-flow of the sea no boat can ferry
    Title page hand turn over the dusty, clear to see that once you write poetry, to tilt the world of pyrotechnics, and want you Cantabile, Blossoming Flowers Blooming the first place I have been to time Feixia covered shoulders can not wait for the dream children meet in the sea of ​​love into the past, only time will recall that, in the case in the sun for you to write poetry, filled with time of a one-fiber clothing Ella, the windwhispering sentimental like that Mo Siang text, static mooring in the years the landscape sparkling life you love me! Is worth a pound I love your Millennium root, can not control your pleasures, pain, only when you are happiest when quietly leave,Scarpe MBT   unnecessary in the future how much Qifenglengyu implanted in the hearts of pain is far apart, the prophecy of happiness in your lips. The next night the quiet to say goodbye, when the rain slid down from the corner, but you never see I think you look like.
    Miss the cooling time, years of scattered pieces, picturesque youth Hua Yan, memories of my hand only fleeting time, please allow me to still reluctant to have the complex past and present clean and shallow to meet the life wheel, you like a flowing lilac in the alleys of my youth, I was between the kindred affectionate sea of ​​red kapok, Review, have missed your love of happiness! Been left behind at the end of the line away from the situation, lopsided.
    I dip into my heart in the life of the Lethe, you open or not open, the situation on the inside, not to rise, like the Comic Boys of singing: a memento to give you my heart, this love at any moment you open the new. This world, precipitation with too many thoughts! Every place has a trace memories rendering melancholy sky, thinking collisions sway swing, string and wind leisurely, who is the misty night, listening to the rain falls into the sound of the heart, faint mist is who miss the humid air diffuse?Moss under the stone, the sun, and my companion, mouth smile, warm sun-like light of the Yangtze River,MBT Vendita  to their own thinking about you, and then close the palm of your hand, pious wishes, to the fleeting promise of the chrysanthemum station was cut, the road of love various sad the roots Juelian, in order that the eternal love.
    Rotation of the Trojans, chasing each other's love of this road straight ahead towards your direction tireless, swept the distance as far away End of the World, you are my life, interest-free flowers, nulling leaves butterfly rotation, migratory birds flying over a lonely lonely time to dissipate into the Millennium as a long, bright sadness lingering bitter, this season's distressed, look at the years of hands brushed my face, they would understand if they are not you accompany me to the last non-interest bearing the bloom of life, doomed fate unparalleled.
    At night, leave alone and kiss the morning mist of sleep, and my heart filled with happiness about who? Embark on a road, one leaves zero, a winter landscape back, hearts entangled, those micro-blue scenery, MBT Scarpe Prezzi strange noise continued.