3 Uses for Baby Powder That Have Nothing to Do With Babies

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    Almost every new mom winds up with a bottle of baby powder or two in the house via a new-baby giftbasket. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against the use of baby powder, as it'stoo easy for the baby to inhale. MBT Prezzi  Some say cornstarch based powder is okay, but still - it's not pleasant foranyone to breathe in powder.

    Baby powder isn't that great at preventing or treating diaper rash either. When I was taking my daughter todaycare, diaper cream was all the rage while nary a bottle of powder was seen.

    So what to do with your baby powder? Don't throw it away! There are a few great uses for baby powderwhen you're the parent of young kids.

    1. No Time for a Shower? It's Powder Time!

    What new mom has the time or energy to wash her hair on a daily basis?MBT  Not that you're supposed to washyour hair daily, anyway. My hairdresser yelled at me for doing that.

    Don't bother spending money on a dry shampoo between washes. Ditch the tired old ponytail. Instead, justsprinkle a little powder on your palms, MBT Scarpe rub them together and pat down any greasy areas of your hair. Thepowder will absorb the oil, and your hair will look great for longer in between washes.

    2. Got Ants? It's Powder Time!

    I can't even pretend to be embarrassed about the ants who have come sniffing around Alex's splat matbeneath her highchair tray. MBT Shoes   I try to keep the area as neat as possible, but four meals a day eaten by a kidwho loves the gravity test has resulted in some ants.

    It's nice to use a relatively safe substance like powder to get rid of pests, MBT Scarpe Outlet   especially when you have crawlingbabies in the house who would pick up an ant trap and put it in her mouth if given the opportunity.

    Just sprinkle a little powder along the ant trail and anywhere you see ants scouting for food, and presto! Antpandemonium! They will go berserk, Scarpe MBT  flee the scene and depending on how much powder you use, probablywon't come back for a very long time.

    3. Want to Go for a Run? You Guessed it. Powder Time!

    It's a hot sweaty summer, and no one likes a case of prickly heat rash. Sprinkle a little powder wherever youchafe before heading outside. MBT Vendita  The powder will help reduce friction when running to keep your skinprotected and smooth.