Different kind of scenery, a different kind of life

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    Life is like a walking scenery, different places have different scenery, but also to their own feelings, flat landscape of this coast, the other side of the picturesque, such as the walk of life. A few months ago, I would like to go to the Garden Expo, but for various reasons but did not go into the weather yesterday, I went to the Garden Expo, not only the atmosphere of the Garden Expo attracted more he impressed by the aesthetic, the only world the United States, all in a garden park, take a trip to Garden Expo, I swim half of China, although some views because of my fatigue did not go into, but the scenery gave me left a memorable impression, and made me have a deeper perception.
    Park Bo garden landscape and many a view to a memorable impression. This spot is called the Wolong stone, according to legend, the resting place of "dragon", MBT Shoes  hence the name. Legislation Wolong Top of the Rock, half of the park landscape panoramic view, combined with spacious lawns, faint to find the mountain road, nine climbers Plank Road and the Peak platform, MBT Prezzi   the danger of the Garden of the music.When I shun stone and climb to the pinnacle of time, emotionally, I sigh, a different kind of scenery, a different kind of life.
    Walking in the Garden Expo, feeling the green profusion of garden broad and Garden Expo to spend concentrated and leaves, so I feel the breath of spring, feel the warmth and emotion that it brought me. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, and feeling the true meaning of life.
    Red, life, life. There had been in the lofty Red eachother, sometimes just a barren, sometimes merely an illusion, and sometimes just Yilianyoumeng gone is futile.Long Walk Home. Love camp Harbour.
    Love of the Red
    Dreams and real life, the passage of time, MBT Scarpe   the situation is no exception, Rainbow still Gully shallow footprints journey have a lot of frustration with the trivial.
    Red has passed, the situation is no different, I just want to become a boat in the lake, and embark on their own with their own wishes for happiness. The love of the Red, love, such as sand, not light shake off out the meaning from the hands of.mbt outlet  Sometimes re-transmission of singing love poems, to tell the love language of the heart.
    Bloom when the treasure, the treasure had to pay, not easy to cherish the fate of the treasure flowers of brilliant, treasure petals teardrop ... flowers will always fall, when the heart is the film to take advantage of bloom, light-sensitive, so take Forever Blooming in my heart!
    Landscape of life
    Years of Vanity Fair, Life is short, MBT Scarpe Prezzi  life on the road, but can not see the real landscape where sometimes the scenery at the foot of turning a blind eye can not see its existence can not see its beauty in his left and right in their own.
    Life is like a sweeping autumn leaves, follow the laws of ecology, give me warm, give me the cold, give me advice. Through the long road of life, your path to leave the beautiful and eternal memory. Long road, experienced ups and downs,Scarpe MBT  the cruel reality of life dull with more accumulation, to accompany the journey of my life a Changzhangduanduan.
    Long road, many people in my line of sight looming; many things in my line of sight faded. Years will not fade existing marks, traces of where to find a trace of moving and warmth.
    Parting of life formed a Scenery, MBT Scarpe Outlet  enjoy life each station a different landscape, and stop to watch the the fundus landscape constitute a unique landscape, a different kind of life, a different kind of scenery, inadvertently caught live in the face, and face into their own dreams forever. Life marks, years incognito, always moving and sincere, left traces of life and life into the picture will never stop, but also freeze this moment into eternity.
    Life is like a trip, journey to distant and weary journey, along the way,mbt scarpe vendita  everywhere the landscape let life become a tract of beautiful and unique landscape. The scenery here is fine.