The woman's shoes have a significant impact on health

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    The decorations of the shoes is not only a woman but also protect the foot health products, but usually buy shoes only concerned with its good or not to the neglect of the health factors. Did you know that woman's shoes have a significant impact on health.
    Wearing inappropriate shoes will be unhealthy,MBT Scarpe  and may even lead to a variety of diseases. When the shoe wear is too small or too tight not fit to walk, the foot will quickly fatigue, then dominated feet neurons - the corresponding parts of the waist will be followed by fatigue, but also to the brain through the spinal cord. Since the foot has many acupuncture points, the disease is bound to the internal organs affect the feet. Healthy shoes must pay attention to three points:

    A shoe heel height to the right
    2-3cm heel make the arch more reasonable to close before the man's buttocks, abdomen taut chest straightened, people look tall and straight. Flat shoes make the center of gravity too by walking heel to drop it, the shock to the brain. High heel to toe, metatarsal difficult to increase, and the squeezing of the ankle,MBT Prezzi   knee stress increases, waist, abdomen must be quite in order to maintain balance easily lead to the waist, hip muscles, ligament strain. A long time and toe deformation, more than the formation of hallux valgus, hallux bursitis. In real life, the shorter and more wear high heels to improve the height. Fact, the height of the heel height is proportional to short to wear high heels more dangerous.
    2, shoe elastic appropriate
    Tight shoes your feet crowded bad, and the formation of hallux valgus, foot corns, calluses. Too loose shoes, mbt outlet  feet in the shoes Guangdang, shoes Genjiao, and too hard, wear and tear and pain in the plantar metatarsal. Four Seasons wearing socks of different thickness, the shoes to wear for a long time become loose, larger, and even the size of the feet in a day sooner or later, MBT Scarpe Prezzi are different, so adjust more appropriate shoes. Bend over the difficulties the elderly, can wear the shoes of a pull on the open. The parents should pay attention to never let their kids through the tight shoes, otherwise will cause the child's feet grow into deformity. To set aside a little space, a pair of shoes and feet grew to replace the shoes.
    3, shoe materials used to pay attention to ventilation
    The breathable material is not only to cover the feet,MBT Scarpe Outlet   comfortable, but also easy to get athlete's foot. Some shoes with poor ventilation, especially the soles, though very strong, but as sauna foot inside. Shoes breathable best, but would not join the frivolous, unlike shoes as strong. A good pair of shoes than a BMW in Knight important. For the day to stand more than 9 hours, the foot is the most difficult to configure a pair of comfortable shoes but the.
    Healthy shoes to prevent the "three evils"
    1, large shoes
    Because the child's feet grow up, so when a pair of shoes to children in order to save money, simply buy a bigger size, or eight almost new friends and relatives of second-hand shoes can give a child to wear a wear.
    Expert Tip: It is because the child is growing, so a pair of shoes to children only can not save money. MBT Shoes First, if the "greedy" and buy a bigger size shoes, shoes and children between the feet of space is too large, it can not provide adequate support, the children easily fall or other accident occurs. Secondly, the shape of the foot of each person is different shoes with the wearer's foot deformation. The children not only not fit to wear the shoes of others through, but also affect the development of the feet prone to foot problems, Scarpe MBTthey grow up