armor the military officers of first soldier

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    Chapter 280 iron wall matches to round

    The text chapter 280 iron wall matches to round(3339583)
    The match sound promise Yan department, the armor soldier directs a department.
    Fan Han Jie sits on the chair and continuously absorbs smoke.The ground on all sides up, already the heap is full cigarette butt.After first soldier sink into people's soldier to match to round, Fan Han Jie's mood not very Rosetta Stone Spanish good, he is a first soldier to come out and know the importance of this troops naturally.
    "Commander Fan, you not the important step is hasty, we will the first soldier Rosetta Stone Online Shop rescue come out."Zhang Jun Zhe carries one Rosetta Stone German glass water and walks to Fan Han Jie's body to say beside.
    Fan Han Jie helplessly ordered to nod and threw the cigarette butt to in the ground, unwillingly of drank one mouthful water.
    "Commander Fan, soldier, pair the commander superior's Liu Zhi's general gives or gets an electric Cheap Rosetta Stone shock a text."A staff Rosetta Stone Free Shipping officer took an electricity text to walk to come Cheap Rosetta Stone Spanish in and saluted to say.
    Fan Han Jie quickly connects to conduct electricity a text to took a look, however his face up, appeared acid look.
    "Superior Liu is careless, if the first soldier is wrong, we how see member of committee long, again how to start to get Huang Bu's martyrs of the past."Fan Han Jie is nerveless to put electricity text at table top, painful of say.
    Zhang Jun Zhe tooks a look to give or get an electric shock a text, but is the delight of full face.
    Rosetta Stone English However after Rosetta Stone Spanish all Fan Han Jie's mood not is very good, he also not good how of the performance come out.
    "Notify a regiment above military officer conference."The small voice of Zhang Jun Zhe says.
    A herald soldier quickly salutes and walks to go out toward the outside.
    Different meeting, armor the military officers of first soldier, quickly arrived to here.
    Fan Han Jie still sits on the chair and silently lowers the head and seem Be remembering what.
    Due to Fan Han Jie's identity, Zhang Jun Zhe walked past, lightly say:"Commander Fan, do you say 2 first?"
    Fan Han Jie hears Zhang Jun Zhe's voice and flick and subsequently shake.
    Zhang Jun