Rosetta Stone English let Yang

  • Looking at Chen Qiao if say.
    "BE, total."Chen Qiao such as salute, the Cheap Rosetta Stone German noodles is expressionless to sit on the chair.
    The army commanders saw one eye each other, don't know Yang Jun as well however Discount Rosetta Stone Be making what cheap trick.
    Yang Jun however said along while, like say tired, sit on the chair, Rosetta Stone German drank one mouthful water, tooked a look these army commanders.
    "Before, I ignore everyone had what gratitude and grudge, but now, all is at I the combat sequence of 13 war areas in battle, everyone is what crest wear a head and Japanese Rosetta Stone English play a life, who if steal crafty play slippery, or Rosetta Stone Online Shop use official power to settle a score, don't Rosetta Stone German blame me Don't mention it, I ignore his backstage have much big, Rosetta Stone Japanese as long as the rules that violated 13 war areas, my Yang Jun however absolutely can't light Rao."Yang Jun however mercilessly knocked a table, loudly of shout.
    Action like this, it is to give Liu Zhi of the one side a fright to pour, a bit joyless took a look Yang Jun however.
    "What superior said BE, everyone wants to solidify hereafter."Liu Zhi said a , however most likely for coping with.
    "There being also an affair is me if discover to pour to sell arms, ammunition, and exploit the people, take to bribe of, all shoot to death, will never show consideration."Yang Jun however bad mercilessly say, vision often looking at Liu Zhi.
    Is a bit embarrassed on Liu Zhi's face, however finally didn't also say what.
    "The total trusts, I 46 group soldier top and bottom, as long as someone made a soldier rules, don't say total can't light Rao, my Fan Han Jie the first can't light Rao he."Commander Fan Han Jie of 46 group soldiers stood, to Yang Jun however say.
    This time Yang Jun however carried on adjustment to 46 group soldiers, the soldier chief of staff slowly reaches, new nine soldier army commander Qin Li Tian, new ten soldier army commander Deng Yong is all Yang Jun however of person, only have the army commander of the first soldier Han Xi Hou, unwillingly is regarded as the person whom the member of committee grows.Fan Han Jie also knows his/her own this group soldier commander, can don't necessarily take care of live these people, so in advance form attitude, Rosetta Stone English let Yang Jun however know his/her own intention.
    "Commander Fan says of to, on the troops who made a fault, the troops superior has to do an example."Yang Jun however