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    In October, 1941, German government passes sea road the secret transport tank to the leopard type of Cheap Rosetta Stone German 13 war areas and and related production equipments, all arrive 13 war areas.Novel
    Is same, Yang Jun but with by oneself the howitzer and MG42 in general use machine gun is a commutation.
    After these materials arrived 13 war areas, Yang Jun however immediately orderany a logistic section, according to lately drawing up, descend deliver to in each troops, Rosetta Stone Spanish had these leopard type tank behind, the aggression ability of each troops, but raised a lot.
    But there is equipments, the arsenal works produces the work of tank, but can shorten much time.
    Aim at currently situation, 13 war area the bottom reached relevant document and asked each troops to actively develop to train an activity, of each soldier's kind not only can each other of match battle, and still have each request the teacher can undertake long pull of rushing and inheritting battle.
    Momentary, in outer Mongolia, the Cha admires Er, hot river three province, Chinese troops developed to greatly train soldiers an activity at a time, the condition is very great, let the common people on all sides happy for a long time, after Cheap Rosetta Stone Japanese all had thus the strong troops , to the Rosetta Stone Spanish common people, equaled strongly depend on.
    The Rosetta Stone Spanish Cha admires Er province, the tin Lin Guo Lei 's alliance.
    Armor the troops of first soldier, under the conductor of sun sword in army commander Europe, under way the soldier department keeps the training work of belonging to the troops.
    A few troopses of camps, under the conductor of the Rosetta Stone English sun sword of Europe, abnormality of excitement, continuously practice.
    Distance, an armoured vehicle slowly opened to come over.
    The armoured vehicle is in Rosetta Stone English the armor the soldier department of first soldier stopped down, Yang Jun however be dressed in whole body slack suit, directly walk to here.
    Come here this time, Yang Jun however be want to convert weapon, however outward not enounce what, just by himself/herself can privately a person ran to come over.
    Now the whole city that recover a county, already drive Yang Jun however reform into a huge underground weapon database, in own various weapon ammunition of each kind, even if don't convert an achievement