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  • christian louboutin outlet Louis Vuitton Outlet originally designing airtight canvas trunks with flat bottoms—as opposed to the time’s rounded styles—for stacking and easy storage. Louis Vuitton Outlet He opened his first store in Paris in 1854, hawking finely made trunks, Louis Vuitton Outlet hat boxes, and other luxury luggage for the well-traveled set. Louis Vuitton OutletBy 1888, Louis Vuitton Outlet he had his trademark signature brown and tan checked pattern—a literal demarcation of authenticity turned motif. Vuitton died five years later, passing his growing empire to his son,Louis Vuitton Outlet George Vuitton—who introduced the iconic monogrammed canvas we know Louis Vuitton Outlet today, and patented the graphic by 1914. His son Gaston-Louis Vuitton took over the company in 1936, Louis Vuitton Outlet furthering the business into an international brand—introducing purses and wallets, Louis Vuitton Outlet which by 1959 expanded into an iconic collective of women’s bags—the Speedy, the Steamer, the Pochette.Louis Vuitton Outlet The seventies found the brand expanding into the Asian market, with new stores in Japan, China, and South Korea.Louis Vuitton Outlet The company merged with Mo?t et Chandon and Hennessy in 1987, creating the luxury powerhouse anagram LVMH.Louis Vuitton Outlet Amazingly, it wasn’t until ten years later that they went into the ready-to-wear business,Louis Vuitton Outlet hiring New York designer Marc Jacobs in 1997, who immediately added an incredibly lucrative clothing business Louis Vuitton Outlet while bringing Vuitton up-to-date by collaborating with such artists as Stephen Sprouse and later Takashi Murakami Louis Vuitton Outlet (who added a bubble-gum anime humor to the line. Today, the label encompasses ready-to-wear,

    Louis Vuitton Outlet watches, jewelry, home, and, of course, that want-worthy luggage.To the tinkling strains of a music-box melody, Louis Vuitton Outlet Marc Jacobs unveiled his collection for Louis Vuitton on a bevy of girls sitting atop a carousel of prancing white Louis Vuitton Outlet horses—a wry comment on the Louis Vuitton Outlet current merry-go-round of fashion, perhaps, of which Louis Vuitton Outlet Jacobs himself is a focus of frenzied speculation.It’s my most favorite Man Bag Monday of the season, Louis Vuitton Outlet you guys! As far as big handbag brands go, Louis Vuitton is without question the line that gives Louis Vuitton Outlet the most amount of love to its male customers instead of just focusing on us ladies.Louis Vuitton Outlet Not only does Vuitton do a full runway show of menswear in Paris during Men’s Fashion Week every season, but the Louis Vuitton Outlet clothes area always accompanies by a litany of utterly gorgeous manbags.Louis Vuitton Outlet Some seasons the designs skew more feminine than others and seem as though they might actually be intended to be carried by women and they gay Louis Vuitton Outlet men who are seriously jealous of our accessories. Louis Vuitton Fall 2012, on the other hand, was full of bags that Louis Vuitton Outletalmost anyone could appreciate –Louis Vuitton Outlet gay men both feminine and masculine, straight dudes, ladies. The color palette was one of neutral tans and greyed-out navys, with hardware and embellishment kept to a minimum. Louis Vuitton Outlet Something tells me this collection is going to sell quite briskly once it hits stores in late summer. Louis Vuitton Outlet Check out more pictures after the jump.Usually, Louis Vuitton artist collaborations are easy to Louis Vuitton Outlet describe. The French brand tends to err on the side of big, bold, graphic visuals, and subtlety usually isn’t Louis Vuitton Outlet a common trait among its collections with the likes of Stephen Sprouse and Louis Vuitton Outlet Takashi Murakami.