Louis Vuitton Outlet created a revolutionary

  • Thus, Louis Vuitton has Louis Vuitton Outlet created a revolutionary flat top leather case and opened the first shop in Paris, his design will soon be copied, flat square suitcase become the trend The same year, Louis Vuitton has introduced a new suitcase design, increasing the luggage inside the storage unit, for placing a perfume, clothing and other items After the war, he concentrate on making the suitcase, and get the attention of many celebrities, order endless to the era of Louis Vuitton's grandson home Sternberg (Gaston), the product has been pushed to the pinnacle of luxury, created out of a box of special-purpose sections, some with tortoiseshell and ivory comb brush and mirror, some are decorated with silver crystal perfume bottles Louis Vuitton revolutionary design of a LOUIS VUITTON flat top leather case and opened the first LV store in Paris, creating the first generation of the LV pattern, since then, the pattern of uppercase letter combinations LV has been a symbol of the LV leather goods, has long lastingThe name of Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) spread throughout Europe as a symbol of the finest travel products The third-generation Caston Vuitton LV bring the love of the arts, focusing on creative and innovative featuresLV-works displaylouis vuitton bagsLouis Vuitton - design styleIn 1901, Louis Vuitton introduced a lightweight flexible Steamer bag, later handbag pioneer The development of the company's innovative products provide a more solid foundation: the brand's classic hard luggage was born in 1889 adapt to long-distance travel, it bumps, give travelers the most in need of peace of mind and comfort - so far, it is the pride of Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton luggage the first is the cladding of gray canvas, 1896, Louis Vuitton's son George, the shorthand for the name of father of L and V with the flower pattern design to the 21st century is still renowned monogram printed on canvas (Monogram Canvas) style 70 that was the world's largest travel leather goods shop Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) recently launched a lot of fun U-disk, as part of their 2011 new product, of course, is a luxury productThis with "Trianongrey box made of canvas soon become a society of Paris nobles preferred travel items like travelLouis Vuitton's son Georges Vuitton (Georges LThus, Louis Vuitton has created a revolutionary flat top leather case and opened the first shop in Paris, his design will soon be copied, flat square suitcase become the trend The well-known brand of French clothing brands Givenchy, Italian leather suppliers, Fendi, Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer, cosmetics retail store Sephora and other luxury brands industry has been included under the command of the LVFour years later, Louis Vuitton has expanded the size of the leather shop and set up its first factory in the suburbs of Paris Asnieres Divided into two styles Cheap Louis Vutton are from platinum and gold made the part of the appearance of alligator and ostrich skin beautification, to make it more outstanding The brand is not only its founder LOUIS Vuitton (Louis Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Vuitton), named also inherited his pursuit of quality, continuous improvement attitude