Louis Vuitton Heels bag

  • Good brand is always full of inspiration for the future, Louis Vuitton, the development process is the proper interpretation of this sentence - a lightweight flexible Steamer bag, available in 1901, becoming a pioneer in later handbags; Eight years later, Wei Gordon family made of silk and wool Kashmir travel blankets, and has become a pioneer scarves and later quiltFrom the leaves and flowers of presbyopia skin color and composition of The Monogram pattern typical from a distance it seems, each a distance seems to be a real yellow-green, but careful review, you will find the above printing is small spots composed of oblique lines from a close look, you will find the standard printed on the color of the actual parallel linesThe name of Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) spread throughout Europe as a symbol of the finest travel products LV second-generation ethnic brand to add an international perspective and sense of touch of course, can not be generalized Oh, a lot of new hardware, there are many very bright colorsIn 1901, Louis Vuitton introduced a lightweight flexible Steamer Louis Vuitton Heels bag, a pioneer in later handbags LOUIS VUITTON French1854, Mr1998 In March, he had never produced Cheap Louis Vutton  clothing LV, "from scratch" minimalist philosophy, access to the global fashion industry is positive affirmation of the American-born young designers in fact powerful backing last year, he again found the modern the lives of women, the simple and refined design, again won the "America's Best Women's Designer Award" in March 1998, he was from the LV of the production of clothing, put forward a "scratch" minimalist philosophy, and indeed globally The fashion industry is certainly very positive over more than A fake goods, flowers marked also the consists of diagonal stripes, but color is often wrongLouis Vuitton brand after 150 years advocating exquisite, quality and comfortable "travel philosophy" as a starting basis for the design one of the comparison can still tell from the details100 years, the world has experienced many changes, the pursuit of people's and aesthetic concepts also will change, but Louis Vuitton is not only the reputation of Zoran, and now maintains a unique charmA century later, printed with this unique pattern of "LV" logo monogram canvas bag, along with a wealth of legendary and Athens become a fashion classic This with "Trianongrey box made of canvas soon become a society of Paris nobles preferred travel items like travel The same year, Louis Vuitton has introduced a new suitcase design, increasing the luggage inside the storage unit, for placing a perfume, clothing and other items Because of this, young people from the village down Louis will soon get the attention and trust of Empress Wu mont blanc stylo Jie NiA century later, printed with this unique pattern of "LV" logo monogram canvas bag, along with a wealth of legendary and Athens become a fashion classic Identified from the hardware, usually the LV counters genuine hardware such as zippers, are usually not very bright golden yellow, but green gold copper, the feeling is not particularly bright, and some will be darker, a little approximate the texture of the matte, but not any to the extent of scrub, in short, very textured feel