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    Celebrate the "Dungeons" available, although the annual carnival is over 3.17, but the impact has not dissipated - Celebrate the launch of a new copy of the Carnival, "Interview with the Vampire," also to the players to continue to provide a different Tera Gold Tera Gold kind fun. Players have found that careful, Interview with the Vampire in 2011 continued last piece of information "magic mieshi robbery," the line, comic story of old and new players to feel extra wonderful.

    King Mozu

    Plot analysis: a chain slayer

    Taking blood, sent by human beings living vampire (blood group) while easily cause social panic, but its strong vitality, almost immortal body, has also led to a bounty hunter out often without success. Army newspaper recently shown, however, with the "magic mieshi robbery," the further intensification of the military advance a large number of Mozu royal family gathered in the blood around the Dracula family. It seems likely that kinship and Mozu prelude together, the Queen ordered: at all costs, instigation or eliminate the king of the vampire Count Dracula!

    Interview with the Vampire map

    Difficulty Analysis: Five off BOSS

    "Interview with the Vampire," a copy of Dracula in the dark manor, the overall tone is dark side, and met with the enemy and their client is an immediate kinship, "Ghostly Atmosphere dense" numerous. But the copy of the entry requirements, just 50, the maximum number is limited to five, that the difficulty is not high yo. Interview with the Vampire necessary one by one, respectively, corresponding to the five BOSS.

    The first is the magic to Crewe Han, strong defense, an Armor with the sturdy body, called the miniature monster Beamon. But everyone knows, the more the more powerful after the appearance, which will be the first magic thing ... ... do not say.

    BOSS II will Kage Rum is the devil, according to military information, the BOSS has some real military power, tera is proposed that a quick fix to avoid getting surrounded.

    The third is the Countess Dracula, she looks scared to Heaven through the blood to maintain eternal youth. Magic unique kinship in the family blood of hundreds of years old "girl" hands thoroughly interpreted, the words suggest more powerful exploration of blood in the family information here.

    Lost Souls is the fourth pastor BOSS, is magic to Kage enhanced version of Rum, who can resurrect a lot of Lost Souls, tera says here, to know how "we must remember that."

    Nature is the ultimate BOSS Count Dracula, he is the oldest data show that the king of vampires, blood group as the magic gods blessing Lilith, so the only immortal Count Dracula's ghost appears, you can die once and again ... ...

    Yuguishagui Yufo kill the Buddha

    Costa Rica is not a legend

    Award Analysis: worth a visit

    Compared with other Mozu, "Interview with the Vampire," a copy of the difficulty is not necessarily difficult, but the reward is no less, there are four sessions in the five BOSS big explosion, Count Dracula in particular, will fall Third animal Buy Tera Gold Buy Tera Gold soul fragments, value reincarnation crystal, Mohun spar, spar, and so the soul of items, almost equivalent to an inexhaustible treasure house ah.