Tera Gold Jian Wang 3 players - kicked off the official website

  • "Jian Wang 3" as the "Top Ten Most Anticipated Games of 2011" the first boutique game, many people carry the expectations of domestic online games fine. Since November 20, 2011 for the first time since the beta stunning debut to great acclaim, is widely hailed as a rare quality of making the domestic. "Jian Wang 3," the operation reflects the real attitude of Gold Mountain, "the player-centric" sincerity, access to players alike.

    Currently, the "Jian Wang 3" has been about to start the second closed beta. Also conform to the official voice of the player, large-scale "boutique promises -" Jian Wang 3 "players - the official Cheap Tera Gold Cheap Tera Gold online and offline exchange," the theme of activities kicked off at this time. Players can not only submit their opinions and suggestions online, but also enroll in line will meet under the direct and official staff face to face.

    As IC packaging and testing before the second official and player in this communication will, just "Jian Wang 3," the beginning of bilateral exchanges. In the following closed beta, beta, and future operations, the official will be created and the player's long-term communication mechanism, airing, seriously listen to the voice of the player.

    Airing of "Jian Wang 3," inviting players to make recommendations

    The "fine promises -" Jian Wang 3 "players - the official online and offline exchange" activities are divided into two kinds of online and offline. The online campaign was started on the 25th of this month official media partner network and launched on dozens (link below), players can click on the event page on the official report on the "Jian Wang 3," any views, including advice, opinion, looking forward to the most concern and so on.

    In the course, "Jian Wang 3," the official staff, will seriously look at every piece of advice, opinion. Attitude of genuine and sincere, offer unique and actual operational recommendations, tera will be possible to modify the game to become the basis for R & D personnel.

    Meanwhile, organizers also advise the players to prepare a rich gift, not only fashionable toys, Jinshan game cards, and even the second test release of the reward account. Specific rules on co-operation can go to the official website or media activities page to learn more about.

    Small woman with a sword you swim 3

    Commitment to quality players, the official directly face to face

    The first http://www.uteragolds.com/ http://www.uteragolds.com/ phase of the end of the online collection, "Jian Wang 3," the official will be organized to direct the player and the player will meet face to face.

    Meeting will be depending on the circumstances, be held early in March, initially targeting locations in Beijing or Zhuhai. "Jian Wang 3" R & D, marketing, operations related to staff will call for proposals for the more concentrated the online issue, direct and direct exchange of players, exchange of views.

    Wanjia If you want to participate in this appearances, in the first phase of the "call for proposals Yemian" fill in your personal information submitted to the official staff in accordance with its recommendations, the views of the fair degree of screening, final selection of 30 or so players to Jinshan on-site communication.

    It is understood that direct communication with the players, now only the first period, "Jian Wang 3" full range of operations, the official will be launched on a regular basis from time to time similar exchanges, the establishment and long-term mechanism to communicate the player to ensure that each stage, can real-time, detailed understanding of the idea of the player.

    Small woman with a sword you swim 3