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  • Longchamp Outlet The first time since the affair came to light in December last year, South Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun attended the public events will be held on the 17th of this month, in its endorsement of the coffee brand coffee shop when the day manager for the fans to offer a cup of personally grinding coffee. In addition, the date of the women's three-person group J.Lady 's and Zhao Yahui logs guitar bands will be present to hold a mini-performances.Longchamp Bags The organizers said: "tens of thousands of coffee shops in the market, through this event I hope you recognize the coffee shop is no longer just drink coffee place, but be able to enjoy the space of the coffee culture. Hope that we can at the top level environment encounter inside the star, enjoy the music, so that we feel another round of coffee culture ".Cheap Longchamp Bags The event is also Jun Ji-hyun affair came to light after the first public appearance, she will be any new statements also let everyone curious extreme.Longchamp Outlet Online