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    Explaining the Discount Window
    By topeditorThe discount window is a channel for banks and thrifts to borrow directly from the Fed rather than in the markets. Until a few years ago, the discount rate was set below the fed funds rate and loans were subject to numerous conditions. 
    Banks were reluctant to access the window because it was associated with a stigma usually reserved for distressed banks. A few years ago the Fed overhauled the discount window to try and alleviate that stigma; the rate was then set one percentage point above the funds rate and subject to far fewer conditions. In spite of that, discount window borrowing has remained paltry. 
    Discount lending averaged just $11 million in the week ended Aug. 15. Although that was up from $1 million in the prior week it was puny compared to the billions of dollars the Fed has regularly injected into the financial system through open market operations.
    Fed officials hope that reducing the penalty rate associated with the window and lengthening the term of loans to 30 days from one further lifts the stigma and gives it a tool to supplement open market operations for reliquefying markets. 
    Open market operations, under which the Fed buys and sells securities to adjust the supply of bank reserves and keep the federal funds rate on target, primarily operate through a network of primary dealers, some of whom are large banks. Thus louis vuitton handbags There is also a wid, they have only indirect impact as a supply of funds for the thousands of banks that are not active in the money market. The discount window beats headphones New College Essay- Thank You for, however, is available to any bank or thrift beats headphones Competition for Positions Intensi, and the terms are easier than for fed funds loans. For example, banks may submit mortgage loans, including subprime loans that aren’t impaired, as collateral, and many probably will.  
    Discount window programs have, in the past, been added or modified temporarily in response to special circumstances, such as the century date change rollover (1999) and problems in the farm credit system (mid-1980s).–Greg Ip