Tera Gold Gulf War - "Cross Fire" Biochemical Aspects of Port M

  • Along with "Cross Fire" (referred to as: CF) Biochemical constantly updated and improved version of the new biochemical map met successively with the players. Increase the game interesting as the premise of the new maps came into being, how familiar with the new map and terrain, has become a different Raiders are a major issue. CF biochemical map of the emergence of the port, all this suggests a greater challenge.

    Challenge one: attack and defense more difficult

    Ports as the challenges of biochemical added in the new maps, terrain, scattered deposits and open platform allows both offensive and defensive challenges. In addition, relative to the existing "biological desert" and "Area 13" map version increases the number of sites, which directly led mercenaries in the game before the start of the countdown time to build slowly. This requires players to quickly find the nearest place of defense, the rapid build-up of survivors, in the vast terrain to find place to http://www.uteragold.com/ http://www.uteragold.com/ hide. Skilful application of the box and hidden deposits to cover their own terrain, fast gathered companions to become the only way to survive, but also technology and awareness have to ask the players to a higher level.

    If you are brave, then all the wisdom and passion to play in the top of Haicheng against the terror of death.


    Challenge: keep pressing point of time, with better teammates Tera Gold Tera Gold

    Biochemical model relative to the previous two versions, the port map of the defensive point of biochemical selection of more mobile, and its vast terrain makes his teammates with the status of highlights, where the players point of introduction and with a few defensive points.

    First, map hidden in a larger number of births point box, before the area is a good defensive point, you can observe people. Note that, biochemical ghost outside the box from the lower ladder with a breakthrough, people need a double guard box gap. Players must always be aligned at the entrance to the same standard cardiac chest height to play at any time, with several players can reap unexpected results. Secondly, the traditional point A and point B as the keeper of the points of gold position. The higher terrain, and the specter of a narrow channel makes tera difficult to break, need to be noted that biochemical similar phantom can use "biological desert" collective RUSH B point play and eat the map distributed in various positions mercenary. So players with a more rapid response and need, should not drop a single line.

    If you are the terrain of the back of its hand, then look for opportunities to create miracles.


    Challenge three: new weapons debut, understanding the use of multi-function

    CF biochemical port map can be used multiple powerful weapons. Chemical and biological bombs, chemical and biological use of chemical suits and other props will produce unexpected results. New props and a good strong defense force will be able to hurt you in the perilous search for life's opportunities biochemical port.

    If you are interested in is full of props, then please keep trying, found mysterious.

    New biochemical port, a new adventure, all in the Cross Fire.