Tera Gold Unstoppable! "Command & Conquer 4" won Britain's firs

  • Despite much controversy and media players, Tiberium final chapter, "Command & Conquer 4" or get a more enthusiastic market response, according to the British market statistics body ELSPA authoritative data on sale last week, "Command & Conquer 4 "computer games winning the championship week sales ranking results, and in the whole platform game ranked ninth week sales ranking is the highest first week sales of real-time Tera Gold Tera Gold strategy game.

    Specific data from the point of view, "Command & Conquer 4" sold in the UK is probably the first week of sale the same day the "God of War 3" (full platform game sales last week, the British champion) 1 / 3, this figure should be significantly better than " Red Alert 3 "results in the United Kingdom market, but compared to the past," Command & Conquer 3 ", a week after starting the PS3 UK, beating a number of PS3 comes up, among all platform sales of the first results of the game a lot ... to fade ... Nevertheless, this result can be satisfied by EA Los Angeles.

    1, (-) Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight (Electronic Arts)
    2, (-) Star Wars: The Old Republic - Awakenings (Electronic Arts)
    3, (1) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Electronic Arts)
    4, (3) Football Manager 2011 (Sega)
    5, (2) Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War II - Chaos (THQ)
    6, (4) Napoleon: Total War (Sega)
    7, (-) Star Wars: Tera Gold Tera Gold The Old Republic (THQ)
    8, (5) The Sims 3 (Electronic Arts)
    9, (13) Left 4 Dead 2 (Electronic Arts)
    10, (9) The Sims 3: World Adventures (Electronic Arts)