Tera Gold Disaster movie "2012" visual effects rendered by the

  • Disaster movie "2012" is tantamount to a visual feast, and brought the hero to enjoy one of these NVIDIA Quadro professional workstation graphics cards.

    NVIDIA today announced Cheap Tera Gold Cheap Tera Gold that the Hollywood studios Uncharted Territory, Scanline VFX is the use of its Quadro professional graphics cards, in the "2012" movie, produced more than 500 special effects scenes. The total cost of the film up to 2 billion, but on November 13 after the release hot global box office revenues had more than 600 million U.S. dollars.

    Uncharted Territory is headquartered in Los Angeles, is the film the main person in charge of visual effects. In the company's co-founder, video, visual effects supervisor Volker Engel, Marc Weigert, led by their use of more than 100 completed a 422 Quadro workstation effects scenes, including the Los Angeles earthquake. Interestingly, because the company and crew stationed together, the director Roland Emmerich to see progress every day.

    Los Angeles and Munich, Scanline VFX is especially good at water and fire effects simulation, the use and develop their own computer simulation system for the film made more than 100 shots, including 90% of the flood scenes, such as the destruction of the Himalayas and the White House fragments. This time spent Scanline VFX 125 Quadro http://www.uteragolds.com/ http://www.uteragolds.com/ workstations, and finally became symbiotic 1.2PB (1200TB) data.

    Scanline VFX LA and Flowline GMBH president Stephan Trojansky said they also plan to use the NVIDIA Tesla GPU Computing Server upgrade to replace the existing rendering node system, preliminary tests show that at least 10 times can bring efficiency gains.