Ovidija Jukonis's Album: Womens Winter Clothes 2012 in Earth

Women's Winter Clothes Fall 2012 in Earthy Colors The colors of the earth, tobacco, warm beige, khaki and navy blue made exhibits refined the new winter collection. Black has been substituted by Grey at large this fall. Fall/Winter season usually features more subdued colors. Used in moderation, the stand-out colors this season are pale oranges and deep, passionate reds. All tops are longer than usual. Long gone are the days of stomach-barring tees the longer the upper garment the better. They should all at least skim the hips, being wearable with jeans and slim pants. If you prefer muted colors for your main outfit then the shawl or bag is a perfect opportunity to go for the season must-have colors. The trendy look definitely involves the underneath (skirt or dress) longer than the trench. So a mid-thigh trench is your best bet for this season.